Company history
Carriage construction Verdonschot was founded in 1992 and has been located in Someren all this time. From the start we make many different sports and related carriages that are now all over the world. The very rest are still running in competitions.

We quickly switched to shock absorbers on the carriages, because this has many advantages. Despite the fact that this is a difficult technology, we have succeeded well. First the models with the independent wheel suspension, then the semi-independent models, which are a bit cheaper to build.

Carriage construction Verdonschot has many customers who have become champions in their country in singles and pairs, both for horses and ponies, from low to national and international classes. Himself to world champion. We are proud of this and hope to be able to serve many more customers in the coming years.

There is a lot of experience at Carriage Construction Verdonschot, as we have been producing carriages for almost 30 years. We have witnessed the rise of the steering delay and have 3 patents on systems developed by us. We are able to build a specific carriage for the customer according to the wishes of the customer, provided this is technically justified.

The objective of Rijtuigenbouw Verdonschot is to build a high-quality product in the Netherlands from the Eindhoven region, where a lot of technology comes from, for a reasonably acceptable price. Due to the high quality, the carriage maintains a high trade-in value. We do a lot of development and research and are therefore always working on innovations in the field of coach building. Because we make small series, they are in production quite quickly.